Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Todd Lynn SS11

As mentioned in my previous post, I was lucky enough to be able to catch the Todd Lynn show on Day Five of London Fashion Week. Not being overly familiar with the designer beforehand other than the knowledge that he is a Canadian designer and a Central St Martins graduate, I took my seat at the show with an open mind.
The collection focused around tailoring with an edge; hues of dove and metallic grey, soft beige and classic black topped off with textured patches and even a mirrored half-cape here and there.Below are the images I managed to take during the show:

The models were all styled with scraped back, unwashed-looking hair and minimal makeup for a slightly robotic look, complimenting the simple colours of the collection and walked the runway in some impressive Louboutins in the same neutral colours.
Simple tailored jackets in shades of grey were adorned with patches of metallic grey and asymmetric collar details, the collection also featured a number of one shouldered tailored dresses, giving the models a sleek, streamlined sillouette. Sci-fi mixed with tailoring; the highlight of the collection being the soft grey dress with mirrored half-cape, the effect of the camera flashes bouncing off the material was an impressive sight.

All in all a powerful collection, ideal for the woman who wants to look smart and make a statement through clothing cuts not colours. A fresh, modern collection for Spring/Summer 2011.

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