Friday, 27 November 2009

Quick Fix: Extravagant platforms

I have no doubt this will become a regular feature on this blog as I am always lusting after one thing or another (clothes wise) and these shoes literally left me lost for words when I stumbled across them some five minutes ago. The word amazing doesn't quite cover it - these are so Chanel-esque it hurts, I can completely imagine Lily Allen wearing them on a night out.

For £130 you can own these amazing creations - not the cheapest pair of shoes around but they will have every other female looking on in envy! Topshop Boutique shoes are notoriously fabulous and these are my favourite pair yet. Studded and quilted with gold chain and jewel detail, keeping you on the right side of opulent but edgy at the same time. I LOVE them and I'll be very surprised if you don't too... log onto now or go into store before they sell out.

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