Monday, 23 November 2009

Green with Envy

Makeup artist I am not, but I love a new nail varnish, especially one that warrants the reaction of "Oooh I love that colour!" from friends and acquaintances. Makeup as a whole is not my forte, I tend to wear the same face makeup most of the time, only occasionally trying out something new. But nail varnish is a different story - I love buying new colours and shades and you will never see me in a pair of heels or sandals in the summer without painted toenails.

Maybe it's because I'm excited about Christmas (or maybe it's because I've run out of other colour nail varnishes to purchase?!) but I am loving green at the moment. Green nail varnish has been popular this season with celebs going mad for Chanel's jade green shade but I myself prefer emerald green (much more festive!) and I've found the perfect one for under £3!

Barry M's 'Racing Green' shade is only £2.89 and as with their entire nail varnish range goes on and comes off easily. The shade reminds me of Christmas trees and looks great on all skin tones.

I'll be wearing mine to liven up a plain jeans and t-shirt outfit or with my new silver sequin top, black skinnies and heels come Saturday evening.

Studded cuff, £16.99 River Island
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