Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Festive Fashion... Christmas Day

If you're like me, all you want to do on Christmas Day is eat good food, open presents and watch anything and everything on TV until you drag yourself off to bed, feeling sad that the day is over. You may be visiting relatives this Christmas day or staying in your home, but either way you want to be comfortable whilst looking like you've made some effort in any photos that may be taken of you, without your consent by your Mum.

So for that reason, I've put together a Christmas Day outfit that is on trend, glam but comfortable at the same time. Starting with this grey sequined jumper from Oasis for £55 which looks suspiciously like a (significantly more expensive) Markus Lupfer jumper, so much so you could be forgiven for thinking it was one. Knitwear is cosy whilst the sequin detail deems it spangly enough for Christmas dinner. Pair it with these embellished black jeans from Topshop for £65. Embellishment has been everywhere this AW and this pair are much more interesting than your everyday black pair.

To accessorise your Christmas day outfit, why not add some interest with a hair accessory like this grey netted headband from Topshop, £8. You never know, it may even exclude you from having to wear one of those silly hats that come in your Christmas cracker... I'm not promising anything though!

The headband is enough for you not to have to worry about wearing a necklace and earrings unless you really want to but a statement ring will look fabulous with your festive painted nails. This one from New Look is only £6 and compliments the gem detail on the headband.

If for some reason you are forced to leave your house on Christmas Day, then why not slip into a comfy pair of brogues such as this black pair from New Look for £20. They'll keep your feet warm and you'll appreciate them much more after wearing your party heels for Christmas Eve!

So there's really no excuse for you to slob around in your pjs come Christmas Day... at least until after dinner!

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