Tuesday, 3 July 2012

DIY: Studs

I've always admired people who customised their clothing, turning plain pieces into hand-designed, unique items and recently decided to give it a go. Until now my most extravagant(!) act of customisation has been to change a boring button on a blazer to a less boring one so I was a bit nervous at the prospect of customising my chosen item: a sleeveless denim jacket from the SoRetro boutique on ASOS Marketplace, seen below.

Inspired by the amazing Ragged Priest-esque studded denim jackets and and after a bit of googling I ordered a pack of 25 large conical studs from the Studs and Punks website for £6.95- they have a great selection of different size, shape and colour studs in different volumes and the delivery was very quick.   

The studs are applied to the clothing by pushing the two prongs (seen in the image below) into the fabric and then gently bending them back on themselves so they are tight to the material (next image down). They can be a bit tough to bend so it may be worth using a blunt knife or a strong nail file to save hurting your fingers. 

I decided to stud the front pockets, the shoulders, the collar tips and a line across the back of the jacket and was really pleased with the results - it was much easier to do than I imagined and although I only bought the smallest quantity I could have easily bought a bigger pack and carried on studding the entire thing. Below is the finished article - not bad for a first go I reckon!

For a great selection of stud-worthy vintage clothing check out ASOS Marketplace - https://marketplace.asos.com/women and the full stud range at www.studsandpunks.co.uk.

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