Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fashion makes it better

I can't start this blog post without mentioning the horrible scenes happening in London and around the UK at the moment. I've been shocked and saddened seeing the violence that has broken out and can't get my head around it. Sitting at home watching the news/refreshing my Twitter feed has proved to be a stressful task so I have decided to tear myself away for some temporary escapism and for me, that comes in the form of online (window) shopping. This is obviously not a solution to anything that's going on but I sometimes feel that a temporary distraction can be a good thing so I've gathered together a few items new-in stores this week that have caught my eye and hope you enjoy them also.

(Clockwise from left)
Backless dress, Zara, £39.99
Teal faux fur collar, River Island, £13
Black biker books with tartan lining, Forever 21, £27.75
Star print embellished tee, Topshop, £32
Burgundy denim jacket, Topshop, £42
Gold arrow earrings, House of Holland at Urban Outfitters, £38
Burgundy fluffy bag, River Island, £150
Unicorn necklace, Forever 21, £3.15

I'm developing a slight obsession with burgundy... expect to see more of it on here in the coming weeks!

N.B - Might I suggest some online shopping during the current conditions. Stay safe everyone.


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